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How to Buy your First Stock using COL Financial?

For those who have a COL financial account here's the step by step on how to buy your first stock.
 Step 1: Log in page of COL Financial.

Step 2:Then pag ka log-in niyo makikita niyo agad yung equity value: 5,000 which means  yan yung pera niyo na meron sa COL account. 

Step 3: If ever you want to change your profile just click HOME > CHANGE PROFILE > EDIT then you decide what do you want to change. 

(Here’s a sample if you like to change your password. just type your current password sa first box. Then the 2nd and 3rd box is for new password)

Step 4: After that, you're ready to buy your first stock.  First niyo tingnan is yung MARKET kung OPEN or CLOSE. Schedule of trading hours ni COL is Monday to Friday 9:00 am 12:00 NN and 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm. Click the TRADE > ENTER ORDER.  Make sure to choose BUY, MAIN and DAY. Then type the company na gusto niyo bilhin. Bawat kompanya is mayroon Stock Code so you need to know what’s the stock code ng company na gusto mo bilihin. I suggest you join Truly Rich Club  for those na magstart palang maginvest sa stock market , para maguide kayo kung anong company ba ang  magandang bilhin.
 (NOTE: If you want to know the stock code of your chosen company just click the “Stock Code”)

(Para sa mga nagtataka kung ano meaning nun ODDLOT, GTC and ATC I suggest kahit wag niyo na muna alamin for starter , don’t worry ok lang kahit hindi niyo pa alam yan as of now kahit yung basic na lang muna.)

Step 5: Here’s the sample image, wag ma-overwhelm sa mga numbers na nakikita niyo. I highlighted the important details na kailangan niyo lang malaman.  For sample I like to buy JFC (Jollibee Foods Corporation) Makikita niyo yung  “# of Shares”  ito is nakadepende  sa “BoardLot” Ang board lot ni JFC is 10, meaning 10 share ni  JFC ang minimum na kailangan  niyo para magkaron ng share kay Jollibee. Maybe your questions is "What if I want to buy more than 10 shares of JFC" , pwede naman pero hindi pwede na  11,15,19 dapat is  10, 20 , 30... it should be divisible by 10. if you're done with "#of Shares" and "board lot" Then lets talk about ask price. Ask price naman is yung mga nagbebenta ng stock ni JFC, tingnan niyo lang lagi is yung pinakamababa magoffer. As you can see ang pinakamababa na price ni jfc is 189.60. 

Important details in buying your stock, "# of shares" is depende sa board lot. In buying lagi niyo tingnan is yung ask column yung pinakamababa ang kunin niyo.Yung price niya is dapat pasok sa cash balance niyo. Pag ok na lahat click the preview order. After nun mag ask lang siya ng password niyo. Then that's it, pag gusto niyo makita yun mga stocks go to TRADE>PORTFOLIO.

(NOTE:The bid column naman is for those who want to SELL their stock,pag naman magbebenta ka tingnan mo yung bid.So kung sa pagbili is tingnan mo pinakamura.Sa pagbebenta naman tingnan mo is yung pinakamahal na you can see sa image ang bid na pinakamataas is 189.50 so yun ang itype niyo sa price pag magbebenta kayo.)

(Important: BUY look at the ASK for SELL look at the BID)

If your new in Stock Market and If you need help, I suggest that you join Bo Sanchez’ TrulyRichClub because they’re incredible in teaching and guiding people how to invest for the future. For more details, go to: Truly Rich Club

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