Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Gloriedyl Pornasdoro

2 Ways to Earn in the Stock Market

All us wants to be successful in life but then we don’t know what to do first, how and when can we start doing it. I know investing in the stock market is one way to achieve our financial goal, if you want to start Investing in the Stock Market but don’t know where to start, don’t worry Bro. Bo Sanchez made it easy for all of us.

There’s 2 ways to earn in Stock Market
1.Capital Appreciation it means your stocks increase its price after certain period of time. For instance, when I bought MBT (Metropolitan Bank) for Php10.00 per share and I bought 100 share of MBT total is 10x100= Php 1,000 in 2010. Then after 2 years (2012) the price of MBT is 20 per share double the price from the time I bought it. It’s very clear that you earn 1000 from MBT.

2.Dividends the other way to earn from the stock market. Dividends are profits that given by the company to its shareholders. Some of the companies give dividends every quarter or yearly.  It depends on the performance of the company. 

NOTE: Different of trading from investing 
Traders- buy today sell it tomorrow or selling it next week (many people lose their money in the Stock Market because of this you really need to study and expert first if you want to be a trader)
Investors- buy today and we will wait for the TP (Target Price) then that’s the  time we sell. Truly Rich Club will tell you when to buy and sell.

Take your first step towards your financial goal, go and Invest Now! 

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Gloriedyl Pornasdoro

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